For Music Lovers

At Social Chic we love our music, Damien can often be found flopping his fringe around to sounds of The Jesus Mary Chain or humming Elliot Smith, whilst Nat can be found listening the latest “cool kid” dub beats. Ok, so we don’t quite see eye to eye on music but one thing we do agree on is the fact there are some great apps emerging that music lovers and musicians alike should be enjoying.


Is a newish app/ site that enables musicians to create their artist profiles and upload tracks to be commented on and shared by listeners.  TwitMusic syncs with listeners Twitter accounts and enables the listener to tweet from the same page as the track is hosted. Some big name artists are already uploading exclusive tracks to the platform to create buzz around new releases. We expect to see lots more artists in the UK getting involved in this platform in the coming months.


Ok, so it’s not that new and yes there are rivals but at Social Chic we love SoundHound. This beautiful little app lets you discover musical gems the name of which had long been erased by time, alcohol or teenage breaks ups.  Using the app is simple just tap the ‘what’s that song button’ and in a matter of seconds you should have the track at your fingertips with a variety of options to share, listen on YouTube or if you want to be really ‘old school’ about it buy an mp3.


For me SoundCloud is an incredibly powerful tool, whether you are a musician wanting feedback on your latest track or just a listener. The ability to quickly record music and share across platforms in a few easy steps is second to none. Recently I was at the Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel gig at the Union Chapel and used SoundCloud to capture the end of a great song called ‘Two Headed Boy’. I had then shared the song within minutes for those to not fortunate enough to be at the gig. If you haven’t got SoundCloud already get it to today.  It’s free and an essential app for anyone with a vague interest in music.

In keeping with the musical theme of this post, Damien has put together a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure, so put on your dancing shoes you lucky people and enjoy.