How To: Personalised Social Media Buttons

There are plenty of great sites out there that offer social media buttons to encourage your readers or customers to engage with you via social media platforms. Add This in particular, offers some very easy to use buttons as well as the tools to track engagement. However, many bloggers and brands have started to use their own customised buttons, often branded to fit in with the overall theme of the site. These will not only make your site stand out from the crowd, but are just a very easy way to show that you have a bit of web savvy (even if you don’t). This guide will quickly show you how to make your own customised buttons.

Firstly you will need to think about the design of the buttons and how they can reflect your brand. So for example, if you are an illustrator, you may want illustrated buttons or if your site has a specific colour scheme, you may want them all in a colour that reflects this. For our buttons, we just chose to use the traditional logos in a pastel colour scheme to show that we are a young, fun company. You are welcome to download our buttons or make your own using whatever image editing software you have available.


The second part to this is the code for your buttons, which is below.  As you can see, the code consists of two parts, the first references the link of the page you want to send people to. So if it’s a Facebook button, you need to insert the link to your Facebook page. The second part of the code requires the link to the webpage that is hosting your image. So you will either need to upload your button to a free image hosting site or use the media library of your site to get this link.

<a href=”http://xxxxxxxxx”><img src=”http://xxxxxxx”></a&gt;

Once you have inserted the appropriate links, all you need to do is place the html code into the appropriate area on your site or blog. You may want to put it in the header or in a widget area if you are using a blogger platform like WordPress. Now your buttons should be working perfectly and you’ll find it easier to get your customers or readers to go to your social media pages.