5 political tweeters to make you cringe

The use of Twitter by politicians has offered the electorate unprecedented insight to the working on parliament and the lives of the people we elect to represent us. However despite social media offering a fantastic chance for politicians to truly connect with individuals, some very prominent ones still don’t get it.

Here are our chosen Twitter offenders: 


The Prime Minister has only just joined Twitter and launched himself into with the enthusiasm of someone visiting the dentist to have teeth pulled out with pliers.

Typical Tweet:

Dave once famously said “too many tweets make a t**t” perhaps this fed into the content of his first tweet in which he dismissed one of the key principles of Twitter.


Politics.co.uk may have voted her as the best MP on Twitter but I disagree. Our attention seeking MP spends her time rambling on about her poisonous views and BMWs.

Typical Tweet:

Opting to ditch the being yourself premise of Twitter, Nadine packs her bags for ‘I am a celebrity get me out of here’ and appoints her daughter as chief tweeter.


Election defeat has appeared to kill the Romney tweeting machine. The President to be couldn’t even manage a tweet to thank those people who had followed his inept, homophobic, hawkish campaign. Robotic and boring no wonder America said no to his campaign.

Typical Tweet:

If in doubt link it out. Mitt goes for link overload with almost all of his tweets linking back to his website. Scrolling through his tweets it looks like Mitt shared only one picture in the last week of his campaign trail.


The Chief Secretary to the Treasury takes dull tweeting to a new level. Not known for his charisma at least you could point to him being himself.

Typical Tweet:

They must have had nice sandwiches and not asked about his savage public sector cuts and it is lovely to know Danny is able to find the train station and get home.


He has always struck me as boring and this definitely translates into William Hague’s tweets. He specialises in uninspiring tweets documenting his travelling around the globe normally setting up arms deals with unscrupulous regimes.

Typical Tweet:

William Hague is a prominent euro skeptic and never misses a chance to talk up trade and investment with Asia and the Middle East. #Yawnfest