Foxy Force

Over the past couple of months we have been working on various campaigns with our friends at Lush including their recent ‘No Cop Out For Wildlife’ campaign. Which focused on encouraging the general public to vote for the most wildlife friendly police commissioner in the recent elections.

The Police Commissioner Elections which took place on the 15th November have been widely criticised in the media for being poorly publicised and receiving a record low turnout of voters. Therefore this campaign posed us several challenges, as the awareness of the elections with the general public outside political obsessives was pretty much zero.

Sadly wildlife crime in the UK often goes unpunished including fox hunting, so we decided to turn the tables a bit by using the power of social media and hunt down the views of the Police Commissioner candidates regarding the enforcement of wildlife crime laws.

We set about doing this by creating a Foxy Force of bloggers and supporters to email their local candidates and spread the word about the campaign. Initially we started raising awareness through an online PR campaign. This was wonderfully supported so many bloggers including @mammasaurusblog@melaniehoughton @incrediblybusymum and whose enthusiasm for the campaign definitely inspired other bloggers and us throughout.

We then launched our #FoxyForce competition encouraging people to create a police force serious about enforcing wildlife crime. This saw some wonderful foxy police officers created ready to enforce wildlife crime.

In total we received 12 unique blogs discussing the campaign and we had reports from PCC candidates that they were inundated with emails requesting they prioritise wildlife crime.

As part of our Foxy Force social media team initiative we asked a number of supporters to change their Twitter Avatar to our campaign fox picture and a number of enthusiastic supporters took part in this. And Aly @plus2point4 created a Twitter list of people changing their profile pictures.

This was a relatively small campaign but through our efforts we certainly made sure every Police Commissioner candidate knew that protecting British Wildlife is something the British general public care about.

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