Have a great Christmas. Damien x

Have a great Christmas. Damien x

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you’re all looking forward to an enjoyable festive period.

I have always found December to be a great time for reflection both personally and professionally. I like to view the impending New Year as a golden opportunity to ensure I spend more of the next year doing the things I love. Whilst it is important to not completely forget our negative experiences, I prefer to focus on the positive experiences from the past year and use them as building blocks to create an exciting future.

This positive building block idea can be a useful exercise to conduct when looking at your communications strategy for the year ahead.  It is well worth doing an audit of all of the previous years, campaigns, press stories, events, product launches and reviewing what worked and what didn’t. (Obviously you don’t have to share this list with your boss).

I would then suggest looking the activities that worked well and thinking what would have made them that little bit better? On reflection these kinds of things jump out at you in a way, which they often fail to when you’re in a midst of launching something. You will often find especially with social media it boils down to  mechanics; like whether the messaging was simple enough or whether you launched it on the right date or spoke to the correct influencers beforehand.

A few months down the line when looked at with the positive mindset of these things were great but how can we make them awesome? Ideas should jump out at you. And for the negative experience in your personal or professional life ask yourself; “Do you really need to still do them?”

If the answer you arrive at is that you’re unsure; the truthful answer is that you probably can consign them to the past and focus on making the things you do well increasingly great and searching for new opportunities to experience.

I will leave you with this powerful video exploring what you would do if money were no object.

Have a great Christmas and thanks for supporting Social Chic in these first 7 months.

Damien x