Top tips for effective blogger outreach

Despite blogging being one of the oldest forms of social media. Connecting with influential bloggers is still a key element of generating interest in your campaign.

Bloggers tend to be early adopters; they are essentially the cool kids at school and what they like and support other people soon do as well.

So we thought we would share our top tips for engaging bloggers in your campaigns.

1)   Do your research: Bloggers are busy people and don’t appreciate emails about products or campaigns unrelated to their interests. Building a focused list of blogger prospects can be a time consuming process but it is well worth the investment.

2)   Tailor your content: Read their blogs properly, make notes, if possible relate elements of your campaign or product to their personal interests. Sometimes there will be no obvious link to your campaign but if you genuinely think they look like a good match just say so. Bloggers are normal people and appreciate honesty.

3)   Find your superstars: We have some blogging superstars who help us shape our blogger asks and social media tactics. In return they are first to get to know about interesting content and they get to see their ideas implemented in campaigns they care about.

4)   Be part of the community: show your personality, we all like talking to people with interesting things to say in the online space. And bloggers are no different. If you write your own blog, why not share it with other bloggers.

5)   Be interesting: create campaign tactics that encourage bloggers to be creativity and tell their stories. Bloggers like talking about themselves and generally they are a talented bunch capable of creating interesting thought provoking content.

In need of a blogger outreach campaign?

We have built up relationships with a vast network of influential bloggers and conducted blogger research projects for a number of leading charities and brands. If you would like us to help you conduct a blogger outreach campaign, please email us at:


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