Greenfingered kids with the Secret Seed Society

Imagine a world where kids love vegetables…. how healthy and sustainable it would be…meet the Secret Seed Society, our super organic, veg loving studio friends. They are leading the way to make growing and cooking vegetables the coolest past-time for children.

Since 2009, mother and daughter team Amy and Shena have embarked on a mission to inspire young children to discover the magic of growing vegetables. They have used the power of storytelling and beautiful illustrations to engage children in nature.

The storybooks are designed for 3-8 year olds, but we think they’ve got novelty value for older folk. They also have some helpful tools which are carefully sourced from the UK and holland for their environmental qualities.

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The traffic light propagator kit is a great way to start your seeds off. Make use of any indoor space, a windowsill or your desk.


The storybooks are beautifully illustrated featuring vegetable characters such as Rio Rocket, Carla Carrot and Rudi Radish and after reading the stories together you and your child plant seeds which grow into the leading vegetable.

We told Secret Seed Society how amazing our readers are and they’ve given us a 20% discount code for their shop : SocialSeeds

Please feel free to share this discount code with friends and happy growing this spring.