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Fafafel flatbreads


In June Social Chic, Director, Damien, decided to make the step from vegetarian to vegan. Below he discusses why he made this choice and shares some of his favourite vegan social media accounts and websites.

Going Vegan

I have been thinking about veganism for a long while but I always managed to find excuses. However recently after speaking to my vegan friends and visiting Berlin where I found lots of vegan inspiration, I felt ready to make the step.

I can honestly say it has been an amazing experience, I feel full of energy and happy to be living a cruelty free lifestyle and reducing my own carbon footprint. I have a love of cooking and have already discovered a number of amazing new vegetables.

I believe we’re living in the mist of an environmental crisis, whether it is hurricanes Sandy or Katrina, or wildfires in Australia, what is clear is that we are experiencing extreme weather on a regular basis. Floods, droughts and changes in the climate are threatening our ability to feed a growing population. It is widely acknowledged that we will have an extra 3 billion people to feed by 2050.

With this in mind, I believe everyone should eat less meat. If everyone was to do this we would reduce our global carbon emissions and have more food to share with our neighbours in developing countries. Currently around 80% of world soya production is used to feed livestock, I believe this should be used to feed people.

Everyone has their own choice to make regarding the food they put in their body. However if you have ever been interested in vegetarianism or veganism, I would urge you to give it a try. I believe you will feel healthier and happier as a result and you will be treading lighter on the earth and disengaging from a system which is cruel to animals.

So these are some of my favourite websites and vegan social media resources.

1) Barnivore– This is a brillant resource for checking if you beer is vegan. It seems most decent beers in the UK are. You can download the app so you can check the beers you are unsure of before putting in that order.

2) Vegan Peasant Catering– I first came across these guys when I attended a Healthy Planet event last year. The food was delicious and they tweet loads of interesting vegan articles and meals.

3) Vegan Food Everywhere– This website looks in a early stages but really interesting. Basically it a crowdsourcing project encouraging people to upload pictures of where they have eaten out and had vegan food.

4) Post Punk Kitchen– I have a huge sweet tooth so being able to make tasty vegan cakes is important to me. PPK have loads of great recipes and advice on creating tasty vegan dishes.

5) Thug Kitchen– This website has garnered plenty of attention of its foul language and great vegan food. I love the approach of just improvising and using whatever you have in your cupboard to make the dish work.