About Us

We are a digital communications agency comprised of environmentalists who use digital technology to spread great ideas and create a fairer world. We have no qualms about being different to other digital communication agencies you may encounter our priority is listening to you and creating a bespoke service to fulfil your needs. Unlike many other agencies we understand complicated social issues and can quickly create content which is suitable for your needs.

We work with charities and large organisations who campaign on green issues, social justice, animal rights and climate change. We also have a keen interest in the tech world and have worked in this area with a brand leader in the quantified self movement.

We love digital technology and the power it has to create real social change; we strongly believe in re-connecting with a simple low carbon way of living.

We believe in solutions and optimism, working together we can help you spread your ideas for a smart alternative future which creates a stronger, happier, connected society.

Our services include:

Digital Campaign Strategy and implementation: We specialise in creating campaigns that inspire people to take action and meet your organisational aims and objectives.

Social media community management: We are highly experienced at managing huge established online social media communities for huge brands and charities.  Equally we at home developing and growing smaller brands online presences to increase your online influence.

Blogger and online influencer outreach: We can help you to identify online influencers and help you build meaningful relationships with them. We already have great relationships with many influential bloggers who have supported previous campaigns we have developed.

Content creation: We can help you develop content for social media channels and blogs, ensuring your message is being heard in the right places.

Copywriting: We can help you create clear punchy messages to get your point across.

Social media at events: We can help you bring your conference to life with photos, tweets and video content.

Safeguarding policies: We can help you put together policies to guide your staff on use of social media and help you respond to crisis situations on social media channels.

Content seeding: We can help you place your campaign content where the people you want to reach will find it.

Multimedia: Want to maximise the potential of YouTube? We can help you make better use of this channel to get more people seeing your content.

We don’t just work with anyone, we only work with likeminded people who have campaigns, ideas or a product to make the world a better place. If you fit into that box we would love to meet you.

Follow this link to see organisations we have already worked with 

So, if you’re looking for honesty, transparency and a kick ass social media campaign or engagement driven social account management, get in touch, we’re very friendly.

Digital communications with a difference:

We’re passionate people who want to create a better world, we care about social issues and we care about the work we do. If you want a communications agency prepared to tell you the truth and be with you every step to create an extraordinary digital communications experience get in touch with damien@socialchicagency.com