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Creating a campaign can be a daunting prospect, often you will find yourself asked to deliver a great deal in short time frame and with limited resources. Even if you are lucky enough to have resources to hand, the task of finding the right suppliers and engaging internal stakeholders is a significant one.

To guide you in making sure you organise a successful campaign that stands out. Our Director, Damien Clarkson, has complied his top tips for planning a successful campaign.

Damien says; the tips below are drawn from my experiences of working on campaigns for some huge charities and brands. Others come from working in tiny voluntary organisations or campaign groups. But regardless of the size of your organisation following the below advice I believe will give you a fighting chance of creating a campaign which grabs and keeps peoples attention.

1) Passion: Whatever your cause it is essential that everything about your campaign screams how much your organisation cares. If you don’t care why should anyone else? Often the biggest barrier to conveying to the public the way we truly feel within our organisations is internally reaching an agreement campaign copy. In order to agree powerful messaging for your campaign, I suggest you start engaging key stakeholders within the organisation as soon as possible. Get them thinking of what would be politically acceptable early on in the campaign planning. Therefore if they have any reservations about bold messaging you will have time to convince them to be more daring.

It is worth remembering that the best slogans throughout history had simple bold messages; think ‘Save the Whale’, ‘Votes for Women’ or ‘End Apartheid.’ All were bold and simple, but evoked passionate responses and achieved the desired results eventually.

2) Originality: Dare to dream big, thanks to digital technology our networks and access to inspirations are bigger than at any other time in our history. Create something original and you stand a better chance of people taking interest.

Use all possible avenues to draw ideas and inspiration. Invite people from throughout the organisation to contribute ideas and make sure you involve your brand advocates, the people who always champion your work. Involving these people at an early stage will help to get them onboard with the campaign. Your biggest assets are always the supporters who already believe in you.

The ideas that arise from these discussions may prove too difficult to implement but the campaign is likely to benefit from this creative thinking exercise and some of the ideas perhaps can be scaled down and partly implemented in your final campaign.

3) Teamwork: If you can do one thing to improve your campaign’s chance of success make sure it ensuring the people in your organisation are engaged and ready to play their part.  This may involve training people to understand the way they can use digital to boost the campaign.  People can become obstacles if they don’t understand the campaign fully, so have an open door policy and encourage people to get involved even if they aren’t directly working on the campaign.

4) Timing: It sounds simple, but always try and put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Think about what else might be going on in their life at that time, will they really want to engage with this campaign at the time you’re proposing to launch it? For example, running a fundraising campaign just after Christmas isn’t likely to get your organization many donations, far better to launch it in the springtime.

5) Reason: Constantly ask yourself the question; ‘why will anyone care?’ If you don’t know the answer, then your campaign just isn’t going to make an impact. Scrutinise all of your campaign materials and ask yourself if they are truly engaging. If you’re unsure then ask some of your organisation’s key external advocates for their opinion, after all it’s people like them you are trying to engage.

6) Project Planning: Effective campaign co-ordination is essential and you will require a thorough project plan with flexibility built in. This should extend to all areas of your communications planning, The ideal situation on launch day is that every department is briefed and ready to play their part in supporting your the campaign.

7 ) Content planning: This will need to be ongoing throughout your campaign. Monitor the response to the content you put out there, naturally some ideas will work better than others, gather this information and use it to develop further content. Your campaign should be ever evolving, listen to your audience and react by creating more content to excite them throughout the duration of the campaign.

I hope you find these tips useful when planning your campaign. There will be challenges along the way but try and have fun, after all campaigning is fun and the charities you work for are doing great working in helping those people in need. Good luck!

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Top tips for effective blogger outreach

Despite blogging being one of the oldest forms of social media. Connecting with influential bloggers is still a key element of generating interest in your campaign.

Bloggers tend to be early adopters; they are essentially the cool kids at school and what they like and support other people soon do as well.

So we thought we would share our top tips for engaging bloggers in your campaigns.

1)   Do your research: Bloggers are busy people and don’t appreciate emails about products or campaigns unrelated to their interests. Building a focused list of blogger prospects can be a time consuming process but it is well worth the investment.

2)   Tailor your content: Read their blogs properly, make notes, if possible relate elements of your campaign or product to their personal interests. Sometimes there will be no obvious link to your campaign but if you genuinely think they look like a good match just say so. Bloggers are normal people and appreciate honesty.

3)   Find your superstars: We have some blogging superstars who help us shape our blogger asks and social media tactics. In return they are first to get to know about interesting content and they get to see their ideas implemented in campaigns they care about.

4)   Be part of the community: show your personality, we all like talking to people with interesting things to say in the online space. And bloggers are no different. If you write your own blog, why not share it with other bloggers.

5)   Be interesting: create campaign tactics that encourage bloggers to be creativity and tell their stories. Bloggers like talking about themselves and generally they are a talented bunch capable of creating interesting thought provoking content.

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Break the Bag Habit

Overjoyed is probably the best way to describe how we felt when we were recently asked to create the Lush Campaigns, social media activity for the ‘Break the Bag Habit‘ campaign.  The campaign for those of you who haven’t heard of it, is calling for a 5p bag charge to be made compulsory for retailers. This is following in the footsteps of Wales and Ireland where a bag charge is already in place and has seen reduced usage of single use bags and seen the proceeds from the bag charges donated to charities.

Our brief was to engage influential bloggers in the campaign and create engaging social media activity. The main tactic we used to do this were competitions, designed to capture the imagination and encourage the creation of user generated content. Throughout the campaign we were lucky to have the support of wonderful bloggers especially @DorkyMum, who showed a real enthusiasm for the campaign from the offset. She writes a fantastic blog on politics, parenting, generally being green and takes amazing photos, so please go and say hi to her.

Along with numerous blogs about the campaign, we saw lots of people take part in our #burythebagmonster competition. Which generated lots of crafting and drawing of gruesome bag monsters.

And our #bagadventures competition saw children under 11 create videos telling us where they think plastic bags go when they are thrown away. It was very cute but still carried an important message that bags last for thousands of years.

To wrap up the short campaign in the build up to the Conservative Party conference, we co-ordinated a social media action targeting the HM Treasury; which saw hundreds of people tweet the Treasury demanding they introduce the bag charge. Check out this Storify with some of our favourite moments including, competition entries and blog posts and Zac Goldsmith, MP, meeting the Gruesome Lush bag monsters and backing the campaign.

Without blowing our own trumpet too much in a limited timescale we created a campaign Social Media Influence described as: ‘Such a Winner‘ and @GreenpeaceUK tweeted stating it was ‘a great campaign’.

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