Veganuary results

Recently we were lucky enough to deliver the digital communications for the successful Veganuary campaign, which saw thousands of people across the world adopt a vegan diet for the month of January.

The results of the campaign are now in and they are incredibly encouraging as many people have decided to continue with a vegan diet beyond January. As vegans ourselves this makes us incredibly happy and optimistic for the future.

Please share the data below with anyone you feel would be interested. And keep your eyes on Facebook and Twitter for announcements regarding Veganuary 2015. It is all set to be huge.




Summer update

We hope you have been enjoying this glorious English summer, never has our countryside looked so beautiful and we hope you have all had the opportunity to get outside and enjoy it.

Social Chic, Director, Damien In the Kent countryside

However work wise many of us will now be starting to turn our attention to towards planning our winter campaigns in the run in to Christmas.

SO we thought this would be an apt time to remind you that during the past 12 months we have been helping a mix of charities, multinational brands and tech start-ups deliver high quality social media and broader digital campaigns.

Below are some of our favourite projects we have worked on in the past year. 

Fighting Animal Testing

Over the past year we have helped Lush Cosmetics, deliver social media activities and blogger PR for a number of campaigns including ‘Break The Bag Habit’ and ‘No Cop Out on Wildlife Crime.

We’re also very proud to have provided social media and blogger support for Lush throughout their Fighting Animal Testing Campaign.  The campaign played a vital role in highlighting the plight of animals tested on for cosmetics as hundreds of thousands of people around Europe called for an end to animal testing in Europe. Finally on the 11th March 2013, after 10 years of delays the EU passed the European Cosmetics Directive, which finally banned the sale of animal tested products in Europe. 

Moves app

Since January, we have been providing social media services for one of the leading activity tracker apps ‘Moves’. The app is simply beautiful and enables you to track steps walked, distanced cycled and calories. And best of all it is free to download. Currently it is only available on Iphone but you can sign up for the android release due to be released soon.

Follow this exciting client @Movesapp or 

Volunteer Champions Campaign

Recently we worked with the charity CSV to create their campaign ‘Volunteer Champions’, which celebrated their 50th anniversary and the great work volunteers do throughout our communities every day. Combining images from the past with heartwarming current day stories the campaign reached in excess of half a million people.

Recent Media

Damien recently featured over on Ben Matthews blog offering tips for anyone thinking of going freelance.

Need help with your digital?

If so get in touch, we would love to help with your social media and wider digital needs.  We have vast digital experience and always enjoy working with good people, especially from charities, tech start-ups and environmental groups.

For a friendly chat about how we can help you contact us at:



Volunteer Champions

Ian Dury

We recently had the pleasure of working with the UK volunteering charity CSV (Community Service Volunteers) on their ‘Volunteer Champions‘, campaign.

Our brief was to work alongside the in-house team to design a feel good social media campaign celebrating 50 years of the charity. Collectively we finally settled on ‘Volunteer Champions’, which would use photos from CSV’s rich past to celebrate their history and link in with the great work they are still doing in communities across the UK.

Our main areas of responsibility in this campaign were:

  • Curating social media content
  • Blogger outreach and engagement
  • Social media management
  • Assisting with campaign design
  • Creating visual assets (logos, info graphics, promo images)

The campaign ran for a total of 6 weeks and our social media and PR efforts meant that that ‘Volunteer Champions’, reached the eyes of over half a million people.

City Can Cycle Info graphic

Throughout the duration of the campaign we heard genuinely heartwarming accounts about how volunteering had positively changed peoples lives.

Here are a couple of our favourite of blogs from the campaign.

Both Damien and Alice who worked on the campaign for Social Chic, spend some of their time volunteering on community projects and thoroughly enjoyed engaging with volunteers reaching out to us about their experiences.

If you haven’t heard of CSV before check them out as they do some fantastic work in our communities throughout the UK.

And finally thanks for everyone who tweeted, blogged and spread the word, you’re all fantastic.