Veganuary results

Recently we were lucky enough to deliver the digital communications for the successful Veganuary campaign, which saw thousands of people across the world adopt a vegan diet for the month of January.

The results of the campaign are now in and they are incredibly encouraging as many people have decided to continue with a vegan diet beyond January. As vegans ourselves this makes us incredibly happy and optimistic for the future.

Please share the data below with anyone you feel would be interested. And keep your eyes on Facebook and Twitter for announcements regarding Veganuary 2015. It is all set to be huge.




The New Dawn Traders leading a sail renaissance


We recently helped an exciting environmental campaign The New Dawn Traders with a social media strategy to help them communicate their exciting 7-month sail voyage around the Atlantic.

We believe they are sparking important conversations about the future of global trade and how by looking to the past we can create a fossil fuel free sail transport future.

A voyage of discovery

On the 14th October our friends at The New Dawn Traders, Alex and Lucy set sail on 7-month voyage around the Atlantic with wind powered cargo vessel Tres Hombres who are pioneering a renaissance in shipping cargo.

The sailboat for the voyage is 100% wind-powered and emission-free. This 32 meter, engine-less brigantine has been successfully trading between Europe and islands in the Atlantic and Caribbean since 2009. This year will be the ship’s first voyage to Brazil

Before the advent of the steamboat global trade was conducted by sail boats similar to the Tres Hombres boat. With the discovery of fossil fuels we very quickly shifted away from sail boats that had served global trade well for centuries.

The New Dawn Traders voyage is divided into two mutually supported departments: Trading Under Sail and Storytelling. Their ultimate goal is to manifest a self-sustaining, theatrical cargo ship, trading in goods, knowledge and culture by the power of the wind.

Creating environmental and social change for the better requires a groundswell of many individual efforts, and The New Dawn Traders hope to motivate this through documenting and sharing their own path towards a healthy, happy, enchanted and fair planet.

The shipping industry has a direct impact on coastal environments and communities. Apart from pollution to the air and through discharge of black and grey water, ships cross-contaminate ecosystems through the intake and discharge of huge volumes of ballast water from port to port. Even sound pollution from shipping affects the migratory patterns of marine species that rely on sound for navigation and ships can kill marine mammals on impact, should the unfortunate creature be in the way. The human impact is significant too – coastal communities that once thrived on the providence of their oceans have been losing their livelihood to large multinational companies, from cargo ships, cruise liners and industrial fishing trawlers, whilst then also being hardest hit by the pollution of these beasts.

Meet The New Dawn Traders, Dr Lucy Gilliam Alex Geldenhuys:

Dr Lucy Gilliam Alex Geldenhuys

Fossil fuel shipping was reported this year to make up 4.5%  of global carbon emissions. Shipping emissions are not currently included in the EU carbon cutting targets. And with the IPCC predicting global shipping emissions to rise by another 30% by 2020 we feel this is vital campaign for all of our futures.

Key Facts about global shipping:

  • 90% of everything you buy or own has spent time on a cargo ship.
  • A single cargo ship can burn 250 000 litres of fuel every 24 hours.
  • Just 16 of the world’s largest ships can produce as much sulphur pollution as all the world’s cars.

We wish the New Dawn Traders all the best on their voyage and we can’t wait to taste some of the delicious sail cargo on their return.

You can support this fantastic project by visiting the New Dawn Traders Indiegogo funding campaign.

Keep updated with their voyage by following them on Twitter and liking their page on Facebook and following their voyage blog.

Summer update

We hope you have been enjoying this glorious English summer, never has our countryside looked so beautiful and we hope you have all had the opportunity to get outside and enjoy it.

Social Chic, Director, Damien In the Kent countryside

However work wise many of us will now be starting to turn our attention to towards planning our winter campaigns in the run in to Christmas.

SO we thought this would be an apt time to remind you that during the past 12 months we have been helping a mix of charities, multinational brands and tech start-ups deliver high quality social media and broader digital campaigns.

Below are some of our favourite projects we have worked on in the past year. 

Fighting Animal Testing

Over the past year we have helped Lush Cosmetics, deliver social media activities and blogger PR for a number of campaigns including ‘Break The Bag Habit’ and ‘No Cop Out on Wildlife Crime.

We’re also very proud to have provided social media and blogger support for Lush throughout their Fighting Animal Testing Campaign.  The campaign played a vital role in highlighting the plight of animals tested on for cosmetics as hundreds of thousands of people around Europe called for an end to animal testing in Europe. Finally on the 11th March 2013, after 10 years of delays the EU passed the European Cosmetics Directive, which finally banned the sale of animal tested products in Europe. 

Moves app

Since January, we have been providing social media services for one of the leading activity tracker apps ‘Moves’. The app is simply beautiful and enables you to track steps walked, distanced cycled and calories. And best of all it is free to download. Currently it is only available on Iphone but you can sign up for the android release due to be released soon.

Follow this exciting client @Movesapp or 

Volunteer Champions Campaign

Recently we worked with the charity CSV to create their campaign ‘Volunteer Champions’, which celebrated their 50th anniversary and the great work volunteers do throughout our communities every day. Combining images from the past with heartwarming current day stories the campaign reached in excess of half a million people.

Recent Media

Damien recently featured over on Ben Matthews blog offering tips for anyone thinking of going freelance.

Need help with your digital?

If so get in touch, we would love to help with your social media and wider digital needs.  We have vast digital experience and always enjoy working with good people, especially from charities, tech start-ups and environmental groups.

For a friendly chat about how we can help you contact us at:



We’re working with Moves app

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 11.45.25

We’re excited to be able to tell you about a client we have been working with since the start of February, Moves app.

Moves is an app that originated in beautiful Finland and has been developed by ProtoGeo, whose CEO is Sampo Karjalainen, a start-up entrepreneur with years of experience in digital design and the creation of virtual worlds.

Moves enables people to monitor their daily movements, whether by foot, bike or public transport. Unlike other fitness apps, Moves doesn’t require you to press a button to turn it on, it simply runs in the background and is quietly brilliant.

Moves has been a roaring success so far receiving great write-ups in the tech press and they have already had over 1 million people download the app.

Our work has been focused on working closely with the in-house team to develop a social media identity for Moves. We’re responsible for curating interesting content for Moves users and providing a friendly informative social media voice for Moves users to interact with, whether on fitness issues or app related enquiries.

We love working with these guys partly because it’s a fantastic product but also because they are humble, modest and innovative.

What else is there to say but come and give Moves a try, we’re sure you will love Moves as much as we do-


Have a great Christmas. Damien x

Have a great Christmas. Damien x

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you’re all looking forward to an enjoyable festive period.

I have always found December to be a great time for reflection both personally and professionally. I like to view the impending New Year as a golden opportunity to ensure I spend more of the next year doing the things I love. Whilst it is important to not completely forget our negative experiences, I prefer to focus on the positive experiences from the past year and use them as building blocks to create an exciting future.

This positive building block idea can be a useful exercise to conduct when looking at your communications strategy for the year ahead.  It is well worth doing an audit of all of the previous years, campaigns, press stories, events, product launches and reviewing what worked and what didn’t. (Obviously you don’t have to share this list with your boss).

I would then suggest looking the activities that worked well and thinking what would have made them that little bit better? On reflection these kinds of things jump out at you in a way, which they often fail to when you’re in a midst of launching something. You will often find especially with social media it boils down to  mechanics; like whether the messaging was simple enough or whether you launched it on the right date or spoke to the correct influencers beforehand.

A few months down the line when looked at with the positive mindset of these things were great but how can we make them awesome? Ideas should jump out at you. And for the negative experience in your personal or professional life ask yourself; “Do you really need to still do them?”

If the answer you arrive at is that you’re unsure; the truthful answer is that you probably can consign them to the past and focus on making the things you do well increasingly great and searching for new opportunities to experience.

I will leave you with this powerful video exploring what you would do if money were no object.

Have a great Christmas and thanks for supporting Social Chic in these first 7 months.

Damien x

Foxy Force

Over the past couple of months we have been working on various campaigns with our friends at Lush including their recent ‘No Cop Out For Wildlife’ campaign. Which focused on encouraging the general public to vote for the most wildlife friendly police commissioner in the recent elections.

The Police Commissioner Elections which took place on the 15th November have been widely criticised in the media for being poorly publicised and receiving a record low turnout of voters. Therefore this campaign posed us several challenges, as the awareness of the elections with the general public outside political obsessives was pretty much zero.

Sadly wildlife crime in the UK often goes unpunished including fox hunting, so we decided to turn the tables a bit by using the power of social media and hunt down the views of the Police Commissioner candidates regarding the enforcement of wildlife crime laws.

We set about doing this by creating a Foxy Force of bloggers and supporters to email their local candidates and spread the word about the campaign. Initially we started raising awareness through an online PR campaign. This was wonderfully supported so many bloggers including @mammasaurusblog@melaniehoughton @incrediblybusymum and whose enthusiasm for the campaign definitely inspired other bloggers and us throughout.

We then launched our #FoxyForce competition encouraging people to create a police force serious about enforcing wildlife crime. This saw some wonderful foxy police officers created ready to enforce wildlife crime.

In total we received 12 unique blogs discussing the campaign and we had reports from PCC candidates that they were inundated with emails requesting they prioritise wildlife crime.

As part of our Foxy Force social media team initiative we asked a number of supporters to change their Twitter Avatar to our campaign fox picture and a number of enthusiastic supporters took part in this. And Aly @plus2point4 created a Twitter list of people changing their profile pictures.

This was a relatively small campaign but through our efforts we certainly made sure every Police Commissioner candidate knew that protecting British Wildlife is something the British general public care about.

Need to run a successful social media campaign?

On a tight budget but need to design and run a social media campaign to inspire support for your cause? If so, please get in touch with us, we would love to work out how we can help you deliver a great campaign for a fraction of the price other similar agencies charge. Email us at:

5 political tweeters to make you cringe

The use of Twitter by politicians has offered the electorate unprecedented insight to the working on parliament and the lives of the people we elect to represent us. However despite social media offering a fantastic chance for politicians to truly connect with individuals, some very prominent ones still don’t get it.

Here are our chosen Twitter offenders: 


The Prime Minister has only just joined Twitter and launched himself into with the enthusiasm of someone visiting the dentist to have teeth pulled out with pliers.

Typical Tweet:

Dave once famously said “too many tweets make a t**t” perhaps this fed into the content of his first tweet in which he dismissed one of the key principles of Twitter.

@NadineDorriesMP may have voted her as the best MP on Twitter but I disagree. Our attention seeking MP spends her time rambling on about her poisonous views and BMWs.

Typical Tweet:

Opting to ditch the being yourself premise of Twitter, Nadine packs her bags for ‘I am a celebrity get me out of here’ and appoints her daughter as chief tweeter.


Election defeat has appeared to kill the Romney tweeting machine. The President to be couldn’t even manage a tweet to thank those people who had followed his inept, homophobic, hawkish campaign. Robotic and boring no wonder America said no to his campaign.

Typical Tweet:

If in doubt link it out. Mitt goes for link overload with almost all of his tweets linking back to his website. Scrolling through his tweets it looks like Mitt shared only one picture in the last week of his campaign trail.


The Chief Secretary to the Treasury takes dull tweeting to a new level. Not known for his charisma at least you could point to him being himself.

Typical Tweet:

They must have had nice sandwiches and not asked about his savage public sector cuts and it is lovely to know Danny is able to find the train station and get home.


He has always struck me as boring and this definitely translates into William Hague’s tweets. He specialises in uninspiring tweets documenting his travelling around the globe normally setting up arms deals with unscrupulous regimes.

Typical Tweet:

William Hague is a prominent euro skeptic and never misses a chance to talk up trade and investment with Asia and the Middle East. #Yawnfest